PolarFinder launching icon

After the installing procedure PolarFinder creates an icon in the application menu activity. You can launch PolarFinder by clicking on this icon. This icon reppresents a miniaturized polarfinder timer.

the sideral timer

PolarFinder timer

PolarFinder is just a sideral timer. Infact PolarFinder using the gps location calculate the sideral local time. After calculating sideral local time PolarFinder calculate the Polaris position. The red reticule pattern describe the polaris position like a polar scope.that has to have the polaris in the polar scope. The white marker instead shows the real polaris position.

In the upper panel you can read information about the previous peak and the next peak. For the previous peak you can read the time pass from and the hour of the peak. For the next peak you can read the time remaining and the hour in which the peak will be reached. All these times are solar times. The number indicates solar hours not sideral hours.

In the botton panel you can read other information. On the left of the panel there you can read the SMLT (Sideral Medium Local Time) and the position. If you have not a GPS in your mobile device PolarFinder use the default position.

On the right of the panel you can read the SMGT (Sideral Medium Greenwich Time) and the altitude of your position. If is not present a GPS on your mobile device this value is set to zero.


PolarFinder menu

The PolarFinder menu as five icons that allows you to open the preferences menu, the credits form, to start and stop the timer and for quit from application.


PolarFinder credits

In this activity I thank all my friends that has helped me in creating this useful program


PolarFinder preferences

The preferences activity helps you in setting PolarFinder. The first check box allows you to enable and disable the use of GPS.

The second check box allows you to enable and disable the timer. If disable the timer not runs to calculate the position just in time.

The two scrollbars allows you to refresh speed of the timer (default setted to one second) and the polaris position image 8default setted to forty-five second.

The last preference row let you to set the emisphere. In fact the longitude is a value from 0 to 180. The emisphere indicates if the longitude is a West or East longitude.