Welcome to PolarFinder web site

January 24, 2011

Before using most telescopes they must be aligned with the Earth's axis pointing it to the NCP (North Celestal Pole) that is less than 1 degree from the Polaris. The polaris rotates around the NCP once every 24 Sideral Hours. PolarFinder helps you in determining Polaris position and subsequential the position of NCP.

What does it do?

January 24, 2011

The position of Polaris depends by the latitude and the sideral local time. PolarFinder calculate, just in time, the Sideral Local Medium Time and the position of the Polaris. The time and latitude for calculating Sideral Local Time are read directly from the System and the GPS present in the mobile device.

How much does PolarFinder cost?

January 24, 2011

The Linux and the windows version are FREE (if you want you can donate two euro). For Android there is actually just a version that you can buy at the cost of 0,78 euro. Thank you!

Published Windows Version

September 03, 2012

Published the Windows Version. Let me know if somebody test it. :-)Write me.